REFIT ANIMAL CARE  was founded by PAHWA’S, We are leading company in India for manufacturing, exporting, supplying and trading of Quality Oriented Indian Veterinary Products

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With years of experience in veterinary science and animal feed supplements, in 2015, the Pahwa family knew that there was an enormous gap between animal healthcare and productivity awareness among farmers, pet owners, and animal husbandry business professionals.  This key realization led to the formation of Refit Animal Care — a dream charged and filled with respect, passion, and deep love for animals.

We, ‚Äúthe Pahwa‚Äôs‚ÄĚ, laid the foundation of Refit Animal Care with a focus on serving livestock as it genuinely deserves state-of-the-art healthcare solutions, excellent nourishment, and balanced feed supplements for enhanced well-being.

Since the initiation of Refit Animal Care, we have focused on expert quality products through our well-researched formulations which can act as growth enhancers and immunity boosters for animals. Though profitability is important, we are more inclined towards understanding the specific needs of cattle, poultry, aqua life, horses, pigeons, and livestock in terms of nutrition, well-being, health, and productivity.  At Refit, we combine science and technology with a passion for animal care at our state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing facility.

Being in business for now about a decade, we also have focused on knowledge sharing and spreading awareness about the importance of healthy livestock which have served enormous benefits to animal caretakers. We have also collaborated with local veterinarians and have offered educational resources.

Our exponential growth is marked by growth milestones. After an initial start in 2016, we grew to 100+ products by 2019.  This was the same year when we expanded our business to third-party manufacturing and also opened up franchise/dealership opportunities in cattle and poultry supplements. During 2020 we worked towards further expanding the franchise/dealership and third-party manufacturing opportunities across India. 2022 was marked by the launch of the aqua and pigeon products.  And this year, in 2024 we are set to launch products for dogs.

We intend to keep on serving the community with our core values and exceptional customer services by offering high-quality, cost-effective veterinary products as a manufacturer, wholesaler, third-party manufacturer, and most sought-after brand for franchisees across the country.

We are easy to reach both online and offline.  Our presence on Amazon and Flipkart provides ease of access to our revolutionary products in just ‚Äúone-click‚ÄĚ.

Join us on our journey toward compassion, ‚ÄúRespect for animals‚ÄĚ, and animal care.

Let us make a healthier and happier world for animals!

REFIT ANIMAL CARE was founded by PAHWA‚ÄôS, We are a leading company in India for manufacturing, exporting, supplying, and trading Quality Oriented Indian Veterinary Products for better health, growth, reproduction & production of livestock. Now we are considered one of the leading Animal Feed Supplements Manufacturers and Veterinary Products Manufacturers.

In the cattle feed supplements and poultry feed supplements field we have started with a small unit of just 6 to 7 veterinary products. Nowadays with the positive responses from our valued customers and their faith in our product quality. We now deal with a huge no. of cattle and poultry feed supplement products.

Our aim towards launching the best result-oriented Animal Health Products and Poultry Products in the market which are not only result-oriented but also highly reasonable for farmers. So we have achieved a noteworthy position in the market. We believe in making a long-lasting association with our customers.

We are involved in both third-party manufacturing and veterinary franchise business because of our product‚Äôs quality and presentation. The uniqueness and quality of our product in a third-party business or distribution in a particular area make us a stable brand in the market. Also, our highly qualified and experienced team and their dedication to solving farmers‚Äô problems in the dairy sector drive us to expand our product range.

Our expert team is giving new ideas every day for improving the quality and results. For all these ideas we finally approach bringing a new revolution in the market via the strategies planned by our team.

Refit Animal Care feed supplements are unique as prepared from the best quality raw materials in proper composition regulated under a team of experts. The quality of the offered range of Cattle Feed Supplements and Poultry Nutrition is our utmost priority and it is never compromised at our end. We provide Customized Packaging, Franchise Opportunities, Different Modes of Payment, and Timely Delivery of Veterinary Products.

On Public Demand, now we have launched an e-commerce site for customers who want to buy single products for their dairy animals and poultry. We are also connected with Veterinarians, Hospitals, and Poultry farmers. Amazon IndiaIndia Mart, and Trade India are our referral partners. Who looking for a secondary income source we also offer a Franchise Business and an affiliate program for our online store.

Our production branch is at Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) and we supply our Animal Feed Supplement from our registered office in Punjab. Our virtual office is situated in Chandigarh and our internet marketing offices are in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Hyderabad.

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‚úď Generate more revenue.
‚úď World class formulations.
‚úď Capital investment can be recovered within months.
‚úď Highest profit margins among quality products.
‚úď Provide Free Visiting Cards, Brochures, Prescription Pads, Visulate File, Calendars and Reminder Cards.
‚úď Support via Digital marketing, Helpline number etc.
‚úď Assistance to the Franchise for Local Promotion and Business Development.
‚úď Certificates of Assurity.

About Refit Animal Care Company

Why We Are Different Than The Rest?


Due to our business policies, timely delivery of consignment and attractive packing, transparent dealings our clients have full faith on us.


We also providing good and safe packaging of products. All products are aesthetically packed.


You will get Ready to Use Material We will do labeling, Designing, Packaging for your Brand


Refit Animal Care feed supplements are unique as prepared from best quality of raw materials in proper composition regulated under team of experts.


Distributors/Franchise will get promotional material free of cost without giving any money

Our Mission

To provide scientifically well-researched veterinary products and solutions to promote the health, well-being, and productivity of all animals.

Our core values:

  • To produce high-quality animal health solutions by focusing on affordability.

  • To formulate well-researched products by deploying the best research and development team of veterinary experts.

  • To proactively advocate for the well-being of livestock across all the species.

  • To empower animal caretakers with knowledge and resources about livestock‚Äôs health, well-being, and productivity.

Our Vision

We, Refit Animal Care, aspire to be the leading supplier of veterinary products and healthcare solutions for livestock through continuous research and development of new solutions and enhance our global reach through cost-effective and quality products.  We strive to achieve a healthy and sustainable environment by providing quality feed supplements and touching through a wide range of animal caretaker lives.

REFIT ANIMAL CARE  is one of the prominent manufacturer and suppliers of a wide range of Veterinary Products. We are a fast growing company that strives to establish itself as the most efficient Veterinary Products Manufacturers. We offer only the best and result oriented Animal Health Products in the market as our primary focus is the health of the speechless creatures called Animals and our secondary focus towards improving Farmers Economy.

In today’s world, Animals are facing nutritional deficiencies due to the lack of minerals and vitamins present in the feed or fodder is given by their caretaker. Every cattle farmer needs to take better care of the overall health of animals or cattle for various reasons. These cattle may face lots of health problems. Some cattle are susceptible to the health issues that may arise from imbalanced and poor diet. So every cattle farmer should rely on cattle supplements to ensure productive and healthy cattle.

Cattle Feed Supplements provide the lots of benefits to both animals and dairy farmers. These are required to maintain healthy herd of cattle. It plays very important role in maintaining value and productivity of cattle. Birthing, meat quality, auction value, milk production and health are impacted by diet. You can provide all required nutrition to cattle by offering cattle supplements and nutritional diet.

Refit Animal Care
  provides superior constituted Cattle Feed Supplements that contains the complete mixture of vitamins & minerals that fulfill daily dosage of animals to providing better health or improving health to the best level.

Our Mostly¬†REFIT¬†products start with letter ‚ÄėR‚Äô which signifies

‚ÄúRespect for Animals‚ÄĚ

As we all know livestock provides us many daily use products like milk, curd, butter, cheese, eggs etc. and it’s our responsibility to take care of our animals. Both farmers and the veterinarians are keepers and attendant for livestock respectively that seeks animals better Health, Reproduction and Growth. We value Buyer’s as well as Farmer’s money because they are the actual (Real Hero) caretaker for their pet animals. We have the range of Poultry Feed Supplements and Poultry Products that help buyers to enhance poultry production and maintain the proper growth.

Our production branch is at Saharanpur(Uttar Pradesh) and we supply our Animal Feed Supplements from our registered office in Punjab. Our virtual office situated at Chandigarh and our internet marketing offices in Delhi, Rajasthan and Hyderabad.

Now we are online Amazon India, India Mart and trade India is our referral partner. Who looking for a secondary income source we also offer Franchise and Business Opportunities in Franchise Market.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further information about any of our Animal Healthcare Products or if you would like to obtain a Refit Animal Care Products Price List.

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REFIT ANIMAL CARE has expanded its reach to every corner of India. We also offer Franchise Distribution. The Franchise Business is very trending in the market nowadays. Get FREE Veterinary Business Franchise Opportunity and Be Your Own Boss.

With years of experience in 3rd Party Manufacturing of Veterinary Products, We have been well accepted. We also deal in P.C.D Pharma Contract Manufacturing. Now We are considered as One of The Best Pharmaceuticals Companies in India.

On Public Demand REFIT ANIMAL CARE open Amazon Pet Shop at Amazon E-commerce Platform, So You can Buy Single Piece as well as the bulk Products from Amazon with CASH ON DELIVERY Service, Pay only when you will get products from REFIT ANIMAL CARE.