refit veterinary doctor


“Dear Lord,
I ask that you guide my hands
And fill my heart with compassion & love,
As I tend to the animals , that are brought before me
When I am tired, grant me the energy to per severe.
When I am unsure, grant me
the wisdom to make the right choices .
When I am saddened, grant me the
Ability to share my sorrow.
When I am running behind schedule,
Grant me the patience to focus on what is in front of me.
When I am overwhelmed,
G rant me a quiet space to collect my thought s
Fill me with a thirst for knowledge,
So that , I may remain current in my thinking.
Help me to comfort and console,
All of those who experience some form of tragedy or loss .
And finally, Lord allow me to extract the best from
So that , I continue to greet each new dawn
With enthusiasm and dedication.
For this profession, to which I commit my life”