Refit Animal Care Introduces Breakthrough Product for Pigeon Health and Performance: ACTIPIGEON

Fazilka, Punjab, 30 July 2023 – Refit Animal Care, a prominent innovator in animal feed nutrition, is excited to unveil its newest product, ACTIPIGEON – a revolutionary prebiotics and probiotics supplement specially designed for pigeons. This groundbreaking product is set to transform the health and performance of pigeons, providing a range of benefits that will undoubtedly enhance their overall well-being and vitality.

ACTIPIGEON is the result of extensive research and development, leveraging the latest advancements in scientific knowledge and technology. This meticulously crafted supplement caters to the specific needs of pigeon enthusiasts, breeders, and racers, delivering unparalleled support for the health and performance of these magnificent birds. The key benefits of ACTIPIGEON are as follows:

    1. Increase the Survival Rate of Pigeons: ACTIPIGEON is enriched with vital nutrients and probiotics that bolster the natural defense mechanisms of pigeons, significantly increasing their survival rate, especially during challenging conditions.

    1. Enhance Feed Efficiency: By promoting optimal digestive health, ACTIPIGEON enhances feed efficiency, ensuring pigeons obtain maximum nutritional benefits from their diet, leading to better growth and performance.

    1. Improve Gut Health: The unique blend of prebiotics and probiotics in ACTIPIGEON promotes a balanced and healthy gut microbiome, leading to improved nutrient absorption and overall gut health.

    1. Prevent Bad Effects of Common Ailments: ACTIPIGEON effectively combats harmful effects caused by prevalent pigeon illnesses like salmonellosis, colibacillosis, clostridium, and other gastrointestinal disorders, providing a crucial defense against these health threats.

    1. Increase Immunity during Stress: Pigeon experience stress during breeding, racing, or environmental changes. ACTIPIGEON aids in strengthening their immune system during such demanding periods, ensuring they maintain optimal health and performance.

    1. Reduce Loose Dropping: Loose droppings are a common concern for pigeon breeders, but with ACTIPIGEON, breeders can observe a notable reduction in this issue, leading to cleaner and healthier environments for the birds.

ACTIPIGEON represents a significant advancement in pigeon care and nutrition,” said Rahul Pahwa, CEO at Refit Animal Care. “Our team of experts has worked tirelessly to create a product that caters to the specific needs of pigeons, offering a holistic approach to enhancing their health and performance. We are confident that ACTIPIGEON will set new standards in pigeon nutrition and become an essential tool for pigeon owners.”

ACTIPIGEON is now available through the Refit Animal Care website and authorized retailers. Pigeon enthusiasts, breeders, and racers can now take advantage of this cutting-edge supplement to provide their beloved birds with the best possible care and support.

About Refit Animal Care:

Refit Animal Care is a renowned name in the field of animal feed supplement manufacturers in India. Committed to improving the lives of animals through innovative products, the company’s mission is to provide superior nutritional solutions that are rooted in scientific research and excellence.

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