Refit Animal Care Launches “Ziobind – Zeolite” – Aquaculture Product Set to Transform Fish Farming in India

Revolutionary product with a gamut of benefits for pond management to enhance the health, performance, and productivity of the aquatic community

ziobind zeolite for fishes

Refit Animal Care, a renowned name in animal feed supplements manufacturing and supply is announcing the launch of its latest aquaculture product, “Ziobind – Zeolite,” in India. This aquaculture product is packed with multiple benefits and promises to revolutionize the aquaculture industry by offering a sustainable and efficient solution for water quality management in fish farming.

Zeolite is a step towards a sustainable future for the Indian aquaculture industry. The addition of this newly formulated product to your ponds will promptly remove toxins, decompose organic sludge, keep your pond smell-free, and elevate water quality, thereby creating a healthier environment for fish growth. By improving water quality, Zeolite significantly reduces the risk of disease in fish, leading to higher survival rates and better growth and productivity.

While addressing the launch of
Ziobind – Zeolite, Mr. Rahul Pahwa, CEO, Refit Animal Care, stated, “India is the 3rd largest fish-producing country and ranks 2nd in aquaculture production, globally. Currently, through the ‘Blue Revolution Scheme, the government is also focusing on enhancing the production and productivity of aquaculture and fisheries both from the inland and marine sources.” He further added, “Zeolite is a well-researched product formulated to enhance water quality and well-being of the aquatic community to achieve better productivity and profitability. It’s an easy-to-use product, expected to make a significant difference in current aquaculture practices.”

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Refit Animal Care is actively engaged in manufacturing, exporting, supplying, and trading of more than 100+ quality and well-researched veterinary, poultry, and aqua feed supplement products.  Since 2016, Refit has been known to provide high-quality products and the best healthcare solutions through 150+ franchise outlets/distribution centres across India.  Refit is currently the “most desirable brand” for animal supplements on Amazon and Flipkart.  Refit also provides 3rd Party Manufacturing facility and more than 250+ brands are currently availing this opportunity seamlessly. Refit is also emerging as a global brand in veterinary supplements through its striking presence in 10+ countries worldwide.

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