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South India is known for its rich cultural heritage, agricultural, and husbandry sectors. Andhra Pradesh is no different and contributes equally to India‚Äôs economy through agricultural, cattle feed, fishery, wool, and poultry industrial sectors.  Because of Andhra Pradesh‚Äôs geographic location, it possesses diversified topography like coastal plains, hilly areas, and river banks enabling it to be an agriculturally rich area and suitable for livestock raising industry. Because the agricultural industry is a prime industry in Andhra Pradesh, cattle are an essential part of it and contribute to the state‚Äôs economy. 

Andhra Pradesh is a major egg and chicken meat-producing State of India with a booming Poultry farming industrial sector. Along with poultry, fish, and other livestock, cattle are the backbone for egg production, dairy production, meat production, and agricultural labor to support the income of the population of Andhra Pradesh.  Andhra Pradesh is one of the largest producers of egg and poultry meat in the country.
Apart from other well-known cattle breeds, the Ongole breed is one of the most known cattle breeds for its strength, and its ability to produce milk for the dairy industry. Well, cattle are not just used for dairy production and to meet the state’s dairy requirement, they are also an integral part of regular work for the local population.

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How can we forget the fishery industry’s contribution to the state’s economy? Located on the Southeastern coast of India, the state has the second longest coastline of 972 km providing an unmatched opportunity for fishery industry.  The fishery industry of Andhra Pradesh is also known for export and thus is one of the major contributors to the state’s economy. With several hundred thousand tonnes of annual fish production, Andhra Pradesh exports top-quality multiple fish breeds to countries outside India contributing to the State’s and National GDP. In addition to cattle, poultry, and fish, goats and sheep are also used for meat, milk, and wool generation.  Based on these productions, the wool manufacturing sector also has its contribution to the state’s economy.

So, it is evident that cattle, poultry, fish, and livestock share a harmonious relationship with the local population and are equally important for the state‚Äôs economy and productivity.¬† This undeniable fact calls for healthy and productive livestock.¬† The well-being of livestock depends on the feed they are fed and the nutrients they are fed along with the regular feed.¬† Needless to say, animal feed supplements play a major role in enhancing the productivity and well-being of cattle, fish, poultry, and livestock.¬† To enhance productivity, improved livelihoods, and sustainability, Andhra Pradesh’s government has implemented several initiatives and schemes to support and uplift agriculture, cattle feed, fisheries, poultry, wool, and dairy industrial sectors. Rythu Bharosa Scheme, Livestock Development Schemes, Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme, Poultry Development Scheme, Wool Development Program, and Dairy Development Schemes are some of the government schemes that impact agricultural productivity, modernization of poultry farming leading to increased production, better quality output, and overall growth of all the industrial sectors.

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To maintain the health and enhance the productivity of the cattle population, cattle feed supplements are important and irreplaceable. Cattle, fish, poultry, and livestock are the backbone of the State’s economy, there is increased demand for animal feed supplements leading to its exponential growth.  Feed supplements when added to regular feed provide better nutritional efficiency, increase productivity, enhance reproduction output and its quality, and boost immunity in the livestock. Many of the locals are now inclined to earn and flourish through cattle feed manufacturing business and also manufacturing need-based products as per the demand and requirement in the market. Setting up a manufacturing unit for cattle feed supplements, for veterinary pharma products is a capital-intensive project.  It is always advisable to look forward to a third-party manufacturing facility for pharma products, especially if you are a startup or if you are planning to expand your existing business in this field. Third-party pharma manufacturing can also benefit you through lesser liability for fulfilling all the quality, safety, health, and hygiene requirements. Refit Animal Care provides third-party pharma manufacturing facilities with quality, cost-effective, ready-to-use products having private labeling and packaging.  Contact +91 8725942559 to avail most-in-demand third-party manufacturing services to grow your business, both nationally and internationally.