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With about 39000 square kilometers of area, Kerala is a state on India’s tropical Malabar Coast.  It comprises backwaters, hill stations, and attractive coastal lines. Along with booming IT and other sectors, Kerala also is known for its agriculture, poultry, and fishing sectors. The state has about 2.5 million cattle and 30 million poultry birds; which contributes significantly to the state’s nutritional needs and economy. According to the Livestock census report of 2019, Kerala has a livestock population of 23.67 lakh, which includes 10.46 lakh cattle, 9.06 lakh buffaloes, 1.77 lakh sheep, 1.38 lakh goats, and 1 lakh pigs. The poultry population is 3.36 crore which includes approximately 2.97 crore broilers. Kerala can produce about 29 lakh metric tons of milk, 1100 million eggs, and about 5.5 lakh metric tons of meat (as per the data for 2019-20). Because of the extensive coastline and inland water bodies, the fishery sector in Kerala is also very strong. It won’t be incorrect to say that Kerala accounts for a major part of India’s total fish production.  Apart from agriculture, poultry, and fishery sectors, livestock, including goats and pigs, contributes considerably to the agricultural output of the state. Apart from providing nutritious food, such as milk, eggs, and meat, to millions of people of the state of Kerala, the livestock sector also provides organic manure, draught power, and hides and skins for various industries.

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Apart from other flourishing industries such as tourism, IT, spice cultivation, and rubber production, the cattle feed supplement sector is also emerging as one of the major contributors to the state’s economy. Thus, to give motivation to the animal feed supplement sector, the government has implemented various strategies and schemes that aim to enhance the capacities of the cattle feed manufacturing industry and meet the growing demand within the state. The schemes like Cattle Feed Subsidy Scheme, Dairy Development Department Annual Plan, Karshika Keralam Scheme, Rashtriya Gokul Mission, National Livestock Mission, National Program for Dairy Development, National Animal Disease Control Program, Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana are aimed at improving the health and productivity of livestock, cattle, fish, and poultry in the state. They have ensured towards easy availability and accessibility of feed supplements, enabling enhanced health, well-being, and productivity of the livestock. Animal feed supplements when added to the regular feed of the livestock can suffice the daily needs of nutrients and minerals in regular feed as they are manufactured using measured amounts of minerals, enzymes, and vitamins for better health, well-being, and productivity in the livestock.

No exaggeration, but as being known as “God’s Own Country”, the tourism sector contributes to about 10% of Kerala’s economy as it is one of the favorite destinations for National and International Tourists.  The fisheries industrial sector is the 4th major contributor to Kerala’s economy followed by the Cattle feed and dairy sector in 10th place; while considered the top 10 industrial sectors of Kerala. Healthy and productive livestock is important to suffice to the continuously increasing demand for milk, egg, meat, and other dairy products. 

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Thus, following the increasing demand for quality and healthy livestock cattle feed supplements have their important role to play. Cattle feed supplements are crucial for livestock’s health and productivity. Quality cattle feed supplements manufactured by known and approved feed supplement industries across India, provide essential nutrients that might be lacking in regular feed, especially vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The addition of these supplements ensures a balanced diet for the livestock.  Regular usage of feed supplements leads to improved growth, better milk production, enhanced feed efficiency, better digestion capabilities, improved immune system, and overall enhanced growth and health of the cattle.

As the need for animal feed supplements increases, an increasing number of professionals are now interested in capitalizing on this exponentially growing trend by establishing an animal feed supplement business. Professionals are also investing and growing a business in the supply of need-based products as per the demand and requirements in the market. 

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Setting up a manufacturing unit for cattle feed supplements, for veterinary pharma products is a capital-intensive project.  It is always advisable to look forward to a third-party manufacturing facility for pharma products, especially if you are a startup or if you are planning to expand your existing business in this field. Third-party pharma manufacturing can also benefit you through lesser liability for fulfilling all the quality, safety, health, and hygiene requirements. Refit Animal Care provides third-party pharma manufacturing facilities with quality, cost-effective, ready-to-use products having private labeling and packaging.  Contact +91 8725942559 to avail most-in-demand third-party manufacturing services to grow your business, both nationally and internationally.