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When we talk about the most scenic state of India, the first name that comes to our mind is Himachal Pradesh!  Apart from the tourism industry because of its immense natural beauty, the state has a livestock industry contributing to its economy. Despite the presence of plenty of healthy natural resources, feed supplement provision is a need of an hour for enhanced health, well-being, and productivity of the livestock.  Himachal Pradesh is covered with snow for more than 3-4 months a year.  Thus, these natural resources fall short of sufficing the requirement of healthy feed for the livestock! Animal feed supplements can help alleviate this lack of nutrients and minerals in regular feed.  These feed supplements help to enhance regular feed by providing an appropriate amount of minerals, enzymes, and vitamins for better health, well-being, and productivity in the livestock sector.

productivity in the livestock sector

As per available data from a Census report, Himachal Pradesh needs about 12 million tons of nutritional fodder for its livestock.  But, at ground level, it can provide only about 8 million tons!  To provide a positive push and suffice the state’s need for animal feed supplements, the government has rolled out several strategies and schemes.  These lucrative schemes help the cattle feed manufacturing industry to increase its capabilities and capacities. Because of these schemes and with the increased availability of feed supplements, it can be possible for the end user to procure feed supplements at lower costs or subsidized costs.


With the tourism sector on the boom, the demand for various animal-based food products such as milk, meat, and eggs has increased. The woolen industry is progressing because of national and international demand for export-quality woolen clothes. In the next five years, Himachal Pradesh is expected to grow its financial revenue through organic and natural feed supplements which can help to provide quality food products and wool.  As said, “You are what you eat”, if one needs quality products, the feed that an animal eats should also be sufficiently packed with nutrients and minerals.

With the growing demand for animal feed supplements, the industry is also experiencing exponential growth.  Many professionals are now more and more interested in making money and flourishing through manufacturing businesses and manufacturing need-based products as per the demand and requirement in the market. Apart from being loaded with scenic natural beauty, Himachal Pradesh is known for Himalaya Yak’s milk, meat, and woolen clothes made from yak’s long hair.  This one of its kind of product business adds to the local economy. 

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Setting up a manufacturing unit for cattle feed supplements, for veterinary pharma products is a capital-intensive project.  It is always advisable to look forward to a third-party manufacturing facility for pharma products, especially if you are a startup or if you are planning to expand your existing business in this field. Third-party pharma manufacturing can also benefit you through lesser liability for fulfilling all the quality, safety, health, and hygiene requirements. Refit Animal Care provides third-party pharma manufacturing facilities with quality, cost-effective, ready-to-use products having private labeling and packaging.  Contact +91 8725942559 to avail most-in-demand third-party manufacturing services to grow your business, both nationally and internationally.