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The cattle, poultry, sheep, and other livestock industries in Rajasthan contribute to the state’s financial resources and is also one of the major income sources for the locals. Rajasthan is known for its wool production quality.  It also has a feather in its cap for being 2nd largest milk-producing state in India. Along with one of the best prospering agricultural sectors, Rajasthan is blessed with a variety of livestock which includes sheep.

2nd largest milk-producing state in India
sheep breeds

Gir, Nagouri, Tharparkar, Kankrej, Malvi, and Mehwati are some of the known cattle breeds in Rajasthan that contribute to the milk production of the state. They are known for their versatility, milk and meat production, immunity, and the fat content in the milk.  They are fed with the best nutritional feed along with various animal feed supplements to enhance their productivity and well-being.  Apart from cows, the state has extraordinary breeds of sheep which play an important role in wool production and thus backing the economy of Rajasthan.  Jaisalmeri, Nali, Malpuri, Magra, Marwari, Sonadi, Pugal, and Chokla are some of the well-known sheep breeds which are thriving in Rajasthan.  These breeds about 8 million in population, are contributing towards the rural wool economy of Rajasthan.  The wool produced through Chokla breed is one of the superior quality. 

We can definitely conclude that cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock are an important part of the financial resources and livelihood in Rajasthan leading to the implementation of strategies to support the development of the dairy industry, wool manufacturing sector, and other relevant livestock sectors.  The development of the dairy sector is being supported through the National Program for Dairy Development and through various other Welfare schemes.  Dairy products are known for their quality; which can be attained through healthy and productive cattle.  Through the regular inclusion of animal feed supplements and veterinary medicine, the health, productivity, and well-being of cattle, sheep, poultry, and other livestock can be improved.

National Program for Dairy Development

The livestock sector has a wide network of veterinary institutions and research centers and multiple animal health services resulting in fast and upbeat development of the livestock sector. The state has multiple schemes like the Rashtriya Gokul Mission, the National Animal Disease Control Program, the National Kamdhenu Breeding Centre, and the National Livestock Mission to improve the health, productivity, and well-being of the livestock.   

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Setting up a manufacturing unit for cattle feed supplements, for veterinary pharma products is a capital-intensive project.  It is always advisable to look forward to a third-party manufacturing facility for pharma products, especially if you are a startup or if you are planning to expand your existing business in this field. Third-party pharma manufacturing can also benefit you through lesser liability for fulfilling all the quality, safety, health, and hygiene requirements. Refit Animal Care provides third-party pharma manufacturing facilities with quality, cost-effective, ready-to-use products having private labeling and packaging.  Contact +91 8725942559 to avail most-in-demand third-party manufacturing services to grow your business, both nationally and internationally.