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Trailblazing veterinary manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, at Refit Animal Care, we offer an extensive range of industry-leading healthcare solutions from boosters and enhancers to additives, supplements, and premixes for improving holistic livestock health. Dedicated to delivering the best of animal healthcare, we have partnered with 150+ franchise outlets across the country, and our products include a wide array of cattle feed, top-notch poultry feed supplements, aqua products, pigeon feed supplements, and more.


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Understanding the Significance of a Third-Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Baddi

India has the largest livestock population and the highest figures for milk production across the globe. According to the 20th livestock census conducted in 2019, of the total population of Indian farm animals, i.e. 536.7 million, in Himachal Pradesh around 90% of the households rear one or other species of cattle.

Although Himachal Pradesh is known for its lush green landscape, at times, the nutritional fodder for its livestock cannot suffice the state’s need for livestock. Besides, being in one of the coldest regions of India, Himachal is covered in snow for around 3- months annually, and in the snow-laden months, natural resources cannot meet the needs of healthy feed for the livestock. That’s when a third-party veterinary pharma manufacturing company in Baddi can come into the big picture. A third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer in Baddi can help provide the appropriate amount of fodder loaded with minerals, enzymes, and vitamins for better health and well-being in the livestock industry.

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Perks of Partnering with Us:

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities
  • Quality-focussed products tested through several checkpoints
  • Trained Staff and Experienced R&D team
  • Timely delivery across PAN India
  • Safe logistics with proper sanitization and precautions
  • Competitive wholesale prices

Industry Leading Solutions Online: Refit Animal Care Pioneering Third-party Manufacturing in Baddi.

Founded by the Pahwa’s, we are a quality-oriented third-party veterinary pharma manufacturing company in Baddi. From our humble beginnings with a small unit of 6-7 veterinary products, we have become one of the leading third-party pharmaceutical manufacturers in Baddi.

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We have a brilliant team of professionals who ensure the end product adheres to the industry’s best practices and impeccable quality. At Refit Animal Care, we are involved in both third-party manufacturing as well as veterinary franchise business because our supply chain is driven by demand, and our consistent quality has left our customers wanting more of our products for their livestock. The best part is that with our products, you can recover your capital investment on cattle within months and achieve the highest profit margins with top-notch cattle feed and supplements.

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