Ideas to Start a Profitable Goat Farming Business for Beginners and Knowing Top 3 Indian Goat Breads

Ideas to Start a Profitable Goat Farming Business

Livestock farming is a profitable business when planned thoughtfully and researched well before starting it.  Goat Farming is becoming one of the top choices for beginners for its easy-to-implement goat farming business plan and other key factors. So, if you are planning to roll up your sleeves and enter into the business of Indian Goat Breeds for the production of the best meat and milk for some of the best goat breeds in India then this is the right place for you to gather as much important information needed for it. 

Compared to other livestock, goats are low-maintenance livestock as it has a variety of end products that can boost income and have a preparatory approach as a parallel income. Of course, this can only be possible with the choice of the correct breed and generation, and implementation of a well-thought-out goat farming business plan. 

Top 3 Best Meat and Milk Goat Breeds in India

Before initiating a successful goat farming business plan, it is important to understand the best meat and milk producing goat breeds in India.  Many goat breeds in India can be chosen based on the primary focus of your goat farming business.  However, we at Refit Animal Care have listed the top 3 best meat and milk goat breeds for you to ease the process of selection while starting your business.

1) Black Bengal
This is a perfect breed for goat dairy farmers as it is known for its high-quality milk production. The milk produced by this small size breed with a tight black body and small legs is high in fat content (about 5% – 7%) is highly adaptable to environmental conditions and is also disease-resistant.  Because of these qualities, the Black Bengal breed is the first choice for beginners. They can produce about 1-2 liters of milk per day during their lactation period of 3-4 months. Black Bengal breed goats are very good in breeding capacities by delivering even twins and triplets thus, increasing your herd size very fast.

2) Osmanabadi
This breed is well-known in India for its best-quality milk and meat production. These sleek black or brown goats are known for their extraordinary abilities to survive harsh hot and dry climates. They can produce about 3 liters of milk per day during their lactation period of 3-4 months. With a meat-to-bone ratio of about 55%, these goats gain around 15 kgs of weight offering excellent meat production.

3) Surti
Coming from South Gujarat, the Surti breed goats are small white goats with high adaptability to grazing capacities and small fields.  They are like a gold mine for goat farmers as they have high capacities for milk production and meat production without compromising on their quality.  The Surti goats can produce 4 – 5 liters of milk with about 4% fat content during their lactation period of 3-4 months and can produce good meat by reaching the slaughter age faster. 

Goat Farming Business Plan

Unlike any business to thrive, goat farming also needs a robust business plan to grow and make profits in your new business setup.  A business plan helps you to avoid mistakes, iron out some wrinkles in the business, understand the viability and volatility of the business, focus and effectively communicate benchmarks and objectives, and secure your finances by reducing the risk.  Following are the areas in which you should develop, implement, and continuously enhance your business plan while initiating a goat farming business in India.

  1. Breed selection
  2. Investment requirement
  3. Land and shelter provisions
  4. Selection of goat weight gain supplements
  5. Selection of appropriate brands for feed supplements
  6. Provisions to maintain the health and well-being of your breed

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Goat Farming entrepreneurs can succeed with proper market research, appropriate investment in the business, and proper management practices.  Understanding the benefits of different goat breeds also helps business owners select the best and correct breed for the growth of their business. With focus and clarity, you will be able to flourish in the goat farming business in India.

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