Father of Animal Husbandry in India – Importance of Cattle’s Health, Well-being, Productivity, and Profitability

The practice of breeding and caring for domestic animals, especially those that are used for food, milk, wool, or other usable products by we – humans, is known as Animal husbandry. Being one of the ancient and important occupations of India, this is the branch where cattle are considered as one of the best wealth of mankind! With 24% of the contribution and producing about 222 Million tons of milk, India is the largest milk producer in the world where cows and buffaloes are the main source of milk production. It is a well-known fact too, that cattle also provide manure, leather, draught power, and meat to the rural economy.

Dr Verghese Kurien

It is inevitable to talk about Dr Verghese Kurien, the father of the White Revolution and who laid the foundation of animal husbandry in India. Dr. Kurien’s visionary, integrated, and multi-pronged approach was to enhance milk production along with animal husbandry development. He was convinced that to succeed in the dairy industry, the health, well-being, and productivity of cattle were building pillars for the success of the dairy industry. Thus, to flourish in dairy industry he insisted on the formation and development of cooperative societies that ensured fair prices for farmers and also provided them with access to better feed, veterinary care, and education on cattle management. To continue with this holistic approach, it is inevitable to provide cattle feed supplements along with regular feed for better and enhanced productivity, production, and healthy cattle.

The Importance of Cattle Health and Well-being

Cattle health and well-being are important for the welfare of the animals, and healthy cattle are more productive leading to yielding higher quantities of better-quality milk, meat, eggs, and other products. This is directly proportional to the income and profits of millions of households and the country’s economy, as well.  Also, the health of cattle impacts human health too! Apart from milk production, healthy cattle can produce more lean and tender meat with less fat and cholesterol. Further, the manure produced through healthy cattle can be used as organic fertilizer or biogas. Therefore, enhanced cattle health, productivity, and well-being can have many resultant impacts on the income and sustainability of the farmers, as well as the health and nutrition of the consumers.

The Role of Cattle Feed Supplements in Enhancing Cattle Health and Well-being

Quality of Cattle Feed can never be ignored.  It plays a significant role in owning a healthy, productive, and profitable cattle.  Any feed that is fed to the cattle should provide balanced and adequate nutrition. Addition of cattle feed supplements to the regular feed and enhance the quality of feed multi-fold.  Cattle feed supplements are the products that are added to the regular feed of cattle to enhance their nutritional intake and performance. Cattle feed supplements include when added to regular feed, enhance vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, and other ingredients that can improve the digestion, metabolism, immunity, reproduction, and growth of cattle. Another major advantage of cattle feed supplements is that they can also help prevent diseases and disorders such as mineral deficiencies, metabolic disorders, parasitic infections, and heat stress.

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