How to start a poultry farm in India?


Are you aware that there is a steady increase in the use of poultry and eggs in India? As the demand increases daily, India remains at the rank of 5 global poultry producers.

Poultry farming is one of India’s rapidly growing Agri-Business sectors. The Government of India is already running a national livestock mission to boost poultry farming to another level. It also donates towards better food and the environment. Poultry farms, for example, can offer various valuable resources, such as eggs and manure.

So if you are willing to start a poultry farm in India, you are at the correct place. Here in this blog, we will find a step-wise guide to setting up a successful poultry farm in India. 

9 Steps to starting your poultry farm in India

Select the poultry sector and type of bird 

The first step towards your own poultry business is to pick the poultry sector. You must finalize the sector you wish to enter, such as egg production, egg and meat processing, and production. You can begin a small farm by picking two or three birds and including more birds depending on your business development. 

Generally, poultry farmhouse Birds like fowl or domestic chickens as broilers and ducks, peacocks, geese, and pigeons as layers. In India, chicken falls into three categories:

  • Broiler chickens – Eight weeks is the time it takes to develop fully. They grow fast and reach a fully mature stage at an early age. Furthermore, they have a large quantity of meat.
  • Layer chickens – The breed is unique among hens. They can lay eggs from 18-19 weeks until 72-78 weeks after birth. They can produce over 250 eggs per year.
  • Rooster chickens – During their early years, they are called chicks and later develop into roosters. Their territorial instincts lead them to guard the hens that lay eggs as they mature.

Location of your poultry farm 

The second most important step in starting your farm is deciding about location. In order to determine the size of your land, you will have to determine how many birds you intend to raise. Beginning poultry farms on your land is a better choice because rented land is in big danger of being taken away. Labor is cheaper on farms located farther away from cities.

In addition, you must also ensure that the nearby area is free of dangerous animals that could harm the poultry farm or your birds. Moreover, it is also suggested that good transport to and from the farm be used. Find a land with a freshwater supply and a pollution-free environment to achieve the best results.

Poultry Farm Business plan 

Business plans outline goals and methods for achieving them in the business. Generally, a poultry farming business plan should include the following:

  • Finding a suitable location for the farm.
  • Equipment list.
  • Choosing the type of bird for the farm.
  • A description of broiler breeding, egg production, etc., is carried out.
  • Resources associated with the operation include financial, human, and managerial resources.
  • Advertisement and marketing plans.
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses and permissions.

Getting capital for your farm 

The amount of capital required in the poultry farm business depends on the company’s size and whether it is less or more. 

  • You can open a small poultry farm for as little as Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh.
  • Typically, a medium-sized poultry farm costs between Rs. 1.5 lakh and Rs. 3 Lakh.
  • It is possible to set up a large-scale poultry farm for a budget of Rs. 7 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh.

To set up your poultry farm, you will need the mentioned amount. You can get a loan from various banks or financial institutions, which makes the process easier.

Name for your business

Your company should be named and have a logo. Keeping its uniqueness and creativity in mind is important to make its branding stand out. You can display your logo on visiting cards, farm websites, packaging boxes, and other marketing materials. Be sure to register the name and logo as trademarks as well. 

Setting up a poultry farm and buying tools

In this step, you will build the poultry farm design and buy various tools. In a poultry farm, the following equipment is typically required:

  • Tray for eggs
  • Washers for eggs
  • Fixtures for lighting
  • Perches
  • Heaters or brooders
  • The dressing system
  • Air ventilation system
  • Method for disposing of waste
  • Crates
  • Nests
  • Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Coops
  • Crates

The hiring of workers for your business

As we all know, the labor needed is directly proportional to the number of birds available on the poultry farm. It is safe for new poultry farm owners to begin with 300 to 500 birds. Once you gain more experience and about the workflow, you can handle and expand the number of birds according to your needs.

Marketing your business

The competition is increasing rapidly in every kind of business. It is also the same situation in poultry farming, so to get ahead of rivals, you must market your business properly with the help of a company and a website. Yes, you heard right because the website will offer your clients many services locally in other cities and towns. You can easily reach globally just with the help of good marketing. 

A good marketing company and website will help you capture the audience’s prices online. Going online might seem easy, but managing it for the long term isn’t. That’s why you should take the first step, stand out from the crowd, and grab as much market share as you can as soon as possible.

Government help

As we all know, government help is required to start a poultry farm in India. It includes subsidies and NOC from the government. The grant will help you quickly eliminate the large burden of arranging money. With NOC, you can quickly begin your poultry farming without fear from government or village leaders. 

You are also required to register your business on government websites to save yourself from further danger.


This blog mentions how to start a poultry farm in India. This is one of the fastest-growing businesses in India, and you will have many benefits after beginning it. Thus, you will earn a handsome amount of money after you get a lot of experience in managing poultry farms.

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