Improving Digestive Health in Animals with Probiotic Feed Supplements

probiotics for poultry

“What we eat, determines how well our digestion works!”  This applies to all – humans and animals.  Increased digestive power in animals can be achieved through better eating habits and through the addition of cattle feed supplements in regular food.  Probiotics – a very well-known supplement used to strengthen the digestive system,  are live microorganisms like yeasts and bacteria. They provide innumerable health benefits such as protection against pathogens and subsequently strengthen immune system response thus restoring the gut’s microbial balance. Probiotics, also known as ‘good bacteria’ when fed to the cattle in prescribed dosages can help keep their gut healthy.

Cattle, poultry, and aqua feed supplements manufactured by veterinary manufacturers considerably improve:

    • Immunity: The immune system and gut health are correlated. Probiotics used as cattle or poultry or aqua feed supplements stimulate the immune system, thereby strengthening defence mechanism of animals.

    • Health betterment through reduced stress: Poultry like chickens, often experience stress due to demanding farming conditions which indirectly affects their digestive system and overall well-being.

    • Growth and feed efficiency: Probiotic feed supplements contain added prebiotic non-digestible fibers which are considered to be “good fibers” for the bacteria present in the gut.  Relatively higher growth and feed efficiency can be achieved through this combination.

    • Intestinal microbial balance: Intestinal microbial balance plays an important role in the betterment of gut health through an effective balancing of gut microbiota.

    • Nutritional absorption efficiency: One of the most preferred supplement by farming professionals, probiotics helps in breaking down of complex nutrients in the food leading to better nutrition absorption efficiency and thus, increasing the growth rate in animals. 

FloraZone, a probiotic with added prebiotic formulation manufactured by Refit Animal Care is known to increase nutrient digestion from the diet, as it speeds up the enzyme activity in the intestine.  It also helps in increased egg production and reduced stress with an enhanced immune system for the overall well-being of birds, poultry, chickens, chicks, hens, and broilers. The formulation of FloraZone is well-tested and can be fed during all life stages of livestock.  You can procure it in 500 gms and 1 kg packaging through the links provided below.

Though nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a nutritionally balanced diet, they are equally important and can’t be ignored.  Thus, the addition of probiotic feed supplements will definitely help to the growth of animal industries with healthy livestock.

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