Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention of Surra Disease in Cows

Prevention of Surra Disease in Cows

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Surra disease is a dangerous, easily transmitted parasitic disease caused by blood-borne parasites. Also known as Trypanosomiasis, Surra disease in cattle is caused by biting flies, and it affects cattle, buffaloes, and other animals. The best solution is to be very careful before it can affect your cows, buffalo, sheep, goats, and pigs. Being aware of this dangerous and infectious disease is always important to prevent such diseases.

Surra Disease in Cattle is Caused By

Surra is caused by microscopic, single-celled parasites that live in the bloodstream of infected animals. When flies come in contact with infected blood, they carry it on to other animals and pass it through their bites. As soon as infected blood is transmitted to other animals’ bloodstream, healthy cattle also get infected.

Surra Disease Symptoms

Based on the stage of infection and its severity the symptoms of Surra disease in cows can vary. Surra disease in buffalo symptoms are mostly like that of cows. Trypanosomiasis in cattle symptoms include:

  • A persistent high fever (above 103°F).
  • Sluggishness, disinterest, and laziness.
  • Anemia as Surra affects red blood cell production.
  • Because of infection, appetite decreases leading to severe weight loss.
  • Decreased appetite results in nutritional deficiencies.
  • Significant decrease in milk production.
  • Poor Immune System due to decreased nutrient absorption.
  • Enlarged Lymph nodes present near the head and neck.
  • In advanced stages:
  • circling behavior, tremors, and difficulty in coordinating movements because of effect on the nervous system
  • Premature abortions or birth complications.

Treatment of Surra Disease

Regular observation, early diagnosis, and treatment through a qualified veterinarian are essential parts of treatment, as prevention is better than cure. If you suspect your cow might be infected, consult a veterinarian immediately. Surra disease treatment for a successful cure of surra disease in cows is based on surra disease symptoms the veterinarian can recommend drugs and vaccinations based on the severity of the infection and the specific Trypanosoma species. The drug of choice for trypanosomiasis in cattle is prescribed by a qualified veterinarian.

Prevention of Surra Disease

Preventing Surra outbreaks is crucial for protecting your herd and minimizing economic losses. Here are some key preventive measures:

  • Develop and implement effective fly control strategies around animal housing areas.
  • Use insecticide sprays and traps.
  • Ensure proper drainage to eliminate breeding grounds for flies.
  • Once a cattle is infected, separate it from other healthy cows and buffaloes.
  • Before introducing new cows or buffaloes to your existing healthy herds, ensure to quarantine them too.
  • Check for any symptoms in newly included cows and buffaloes.
  • Introduce new animals to the herd only after a quarantine period and proper veterinary examination to rule out any potential infections.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of animal housing areas
  • Regular checkups, vaccination, and consultation with local veterinarians.

Importance of cattle feed supplement in preventing Surra Disease

Nutritious feed is very important for cattle, cows, buffaloes, or any other animals to have an excellent immune system. Nutritional additives in the form of cattle feed supplements provide a balanced diet resulting in healthy cattle. Feed supplements enhance the nutritional value of regular feed and help cattle to fight against infections effectively. Of course, cattle feed supplements cannot be used as an alternative to medicine, but they can be used as the first step to having healthy cows and buffaloes.

Refit Animal Care’s Re-Ferrol is a cattle iron tonic supplement that is manufactured after thorough research. Re-Ferrol is a liquid cattle feed supplement for cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, and livestock animals that are experiencing copper, cobalt, folic acid, iron, calcium, and vitamin deficiencies. It contains high-quality minerals and vitamins that act as growth promoters, energy boosters, and immunity boosters for animals.

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