Best Liquid Feed Supplements for Livestock & Poultry in India to Boost Animal Health

Best Liquid Feed Supplements for Livestock & Poultry in India to Boost Animal Health

The livestock and poultry industry in India has grown exponentially since 2015.  As per some of the reports, this industry has taken the country by storm with a stunning compounded annual growth of more than 13%.   Along with the growth of this industry, animal health, well-being, and productivity have also come to limelight resulting in widespread awareness about liquid feed supplements.  Liquid feed supplements are molasses-based products that are used mainly for poultry and livestock. As the name suggests – supplements, of course, are loaded with high nutritional values through the well-researched addition of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and protein.  Being in liquid form, they can be handled easily and can be digested faster by livestock and poultry. Popularly liquid feed supplements are available in blended and suspension forms of feed supplements.  Very cost-effective, ease-of-handling, and easy availability have brought its popularity within the farmer fraternity to soaring heights!

Let us understand and discuss the reasons why liquid feed supplements are best in poultry, the best feed supplement that can be used and provided to the poultry, whether liquid feed supplements are good for livestock and poultry, different multivitamin liquid supplements for cattle, and an overview of liquid feed supplement for livestock and poultry. 

Choosing Liquid Feed Supplements for Poultry and Livestock

While choosing a feed supplement for poultry, liquid feed supplements are the most preferred ones because of their multilevel benefits and ease-of-handling options. 

1) Enhanced Appetite
As compared to powdered feed supplements, liquid feed supplements for livestock help them to easily consume and digest essential nutrients.

2) Better Absorption
The digestive system can easily absorb liquid supplements.  And because of this feature, liquid supplements are known for faster delivery of nutrients in the body.

3) Better Mixing in Regular Feed
Being in liquid form, liquid feed supplements have the added advantage of getting mixed with regular feed very easily.  Thus, uniformity in consumption can also be achieved through uniform mixing in the regular feed.

4) Effective Delivery to The Targeted Area In The Body
Liquid form helps the feed supplement to reach to the targeted area in the body and act faster and more effectively, for example, liquid calcium supplements for poultry or multivitamin liquids for cattle.

Popular Types of Liquid Feed Supplements available in India

Liquid feed supplements in the Indian market are available to cater to a highly diverse range of requirements.  Most popularly different types of liquid feed supplements are available in India, such as:

  • Prebiotics and Probiotics Supplements
  • Multivitamin Supplements and Energy Boosters
  • Liver Tonics and Antibiotic Supplements
  • Mineral Supplements
  • Electrolyte Supplements
  • Calcium Supplements for Poultry
  • Supplements acting as Digestive Aids

Points To Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Liquid Feed Supplement

The market is loaded with a huge range of liquid feed supplements for poultry and livestock.  It is an incredibly tough task to choose from the hips of available liquid feed supplements! Thus, it is important to keep in mind some of the points that may help you choose the correct suitable feed supplement for your livestock and poultry.

  • Deficiency in your livestock and poultry
  • Type and age of poultry
  • Be vocal by using local brands
  • Aligning supplement composition to thoroughly meet your livestock or poultry requirement
  • Knowing the dosage to be administered based on the customized requirement of livestock and poultry.
Refit Animal Care is one of the leading Indian companies manufacturing the best liquid feed supplements in India

No doubt, the market of liquid feed supplements is flooded with many brands, but one brand that has proven its worth, quality, research, and commitment to healthy livestock and poultry is Refit Animal Care.  It is a company which has made its debut in 2015 and by now within 10 years, it has emerged as one of the most desirable brands in the field of feed supplements across India. India boasts a thriving industry for animal health products, including liquid feed supplements.  Before using any of the feed supplements, it is advisable to understand the requirement of feed supplements by the livestock and poultry.  You may also consult your local veterinarian if needed.

Following are some of the top-notch liquid feed supplements being manufactured by Refit, for your reference, and more of it can be explored through their website

  • R-Grow by Refit Animal Care is a high-quality liquid calcium supplement for poultry.  It consists of multivitamins, and minerals for better FCR, hatchability, and growth rate in poultry. Regular usage of R-Grow can improve eggshell quality by increasing its thickness and strength. This high-in-demand liquid feed supplement provides calcium supplements for the overall growth and productivity of poultry and livestock.
  • Reshell-H by Refit Animal Care is one of the most in-demand Vitamin H supplements for cows and poultry providing udder growth in cows and enhanced egg production in poultry.  Reshell-H through its proven formulation can help broilers and egg production.  It is also known to boost immunity and the active ingredients in Reshell-H assist in an instant boost in animal health.

The well-being, health, productivity, and profitability can be enhanced by the thoughtful inclusion of high-quality liquid feed supplements into the day-to-day feed care routine of your poultry and livestock.  Refit Animal Care has proven its brand value by providing well-researched and distinctively formulated liquid feed supplements in India. So, what you are waiting for? Productivity and profitability are knocking your door!

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