A Complete Guide to Uterine Prolapse (गर्भाशय का फैलाव) In Cow

A Complete Guide to Uterine Prolapse In Cow

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Cattle uterine prolapse is caused because of poor nutrition, low blood calcium, and poor body condition in cows, buffaloes, and cattle.  It is an emergency medical emergency that may need the immediate attention of a local veterinarian. In uterine prolapse (गाय में गर्भाशय का फैलाव) the uterus comes out of the vagina after pregnancy. Do not take this condition lightly, as it can be life-threatening for cows if it is not treated immediately.

The Difference Between Uterine Prolapse and Vaginal Prolapse

  • Vaginal Prolapse happens when only the vagina is protruded out. This medical condition is less common and is not as dangerous as Uterine prolapse. 
  • Uterine Prolapse is a dangerous and severe condition as the uterus inverts and protrudes outside the vulva. This condition needs immediate medical attention.

Symptoms of Uterine Prolapse in Cows

  • A large, red, and swollen muscle mass protruding from the vulva.
  • It can be seen easily hanging outside.
  • The exposed uterus or muscle mass may be contaminated with feces, bedding, or blood.
  • Because of extreme pain, the cow will either stand or lay down continuously. 
  • As the uterus is involved, the cow faces extreme pain while urinating.
  • Weight Loss and loss of appetite
  • High distress due to pain and comfortability. 

Types of Prolapse in Cattle

Incomplete Prolapse
Only one horn or a portion of the uterus protrudes.

Complete Prolapse
Both uterine horns are everted and visible outside.

Causes of Cow Uterine Prolapse

  • During labor, because birthing of a large calf causes excessive strain on the uterus and ligaments nearby. 
  • Improper pulling during delivery can also create excessive strain leading to prolapse.
  • Low nutritional levels
  • Deficiencies in blood calcium (hypocalcemia), magnesium, protein.
  • Poor health condition leads to weakened tissues thus increasing the risk of prolapse.
  • The ligaments that support the uterus get weak in older cows making them more susceptible.  

Medical Treatment For Cattle Uterine Prolapse

The first and foremost approach is to call your local veterinarian immediately.  As soon as you observe uterine prolapse in cow symptoms, immediately ensure to get medical help for your cattle.  

Along with the administration of antibiotics, the local veterinarian will try to gently push the uterus back in after medically treating and cleaning the area.  Further care may be needed that will be provided by your veterinarian treating for dehydration and necessary nutritional deficiencies.

Treatment of Prolapse of Uterus in Cattle 

Prolapse of the uterus in cattle treatment includes various aspects for fast recovery of cows and cattle: 

  • Provide a clean, hygienic, and comfortable environment.
  • Keep surroundings clean and dry.
  • Regularly observe the cow for fever, vaginal discharge, or any other signs which may be indicating the infection.
  • Let the cow be comfortably kept in a position by limiting its movement and activities.  This will help in faster healing. 
  • During the prolapse and treatment, provide highly nutritious feed to the cow for faster recovery.  Include cattle feed supplements that are specifically aimed at treatment for calving or pregnant cows and buffaloes.  These cattle feed supplements are loaded with nutrition to suffice, calcium, zinc, manganese, protein, amino acids, probiotics, antioxidants, and prebiotics.  These supplements ensure a balanced and nutritious feed for the cattle when added as per the guidance of the brand or local veterinarian.  
  • Refit Animal Care is involved in researching, developing, and manufacturing such branded and well-researched products.  You may contact for any further information and queries.  

Prevention of Uterine Prolapse in Cows

  • Provide a balanced diet during pregnancy.
  • This will help the cow to build the required muscles and have a healthy pregnancy.
  • The calving procedure will become less painful and will also help cows to be healthy.
  • Calcium and other minerals are essential during pregnancy to enhance the health and muscles to allow a smooth birth procedure for the cow.
  • Provide nutritional supplements that can suffice these nutrients for the cow.
  • Use branded, locally available cattle feed supplements that are specifically formulated to be used during pregnancy. 

Prolaprid by Refit Animal Care is a veterinary supplement powder for cattle, cows, and buffaloes. It acts as an animal prolapse treatment medicine to stop prolapse. This anti-prolapse powder is made of high-quality vitamins & minerals. The other well-known product of the same company is Dr Uterine by Refit is a veterinary uterine tonic for cattle, cows, and buffaloes. It is a powerful combination of herbal extracts and high-quality vitamins and minerals that can enhance cow’s health during pregnancy. 

As such early detection through regular observation and immediate veterinary intervention are very important during cattle uterine prolapse (गाय में गर्भाशय का फैलाव). A little bit of care, proper nutritious feed, and cattle feed supplements can help you avoid this may be a fatal or dangerous condition for the cows.

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