Contagious Avian Gammacoronavirus Causing Highly Infectious Bronchitis in Poultry

Contagious Avian Gammacoronavirus Causing Highly Infectious Bronchitis in Poultry

Highly infectious and contagious upper respiratory tract disease which is caused in chickens is known as Infectious Bronchitis (IB), which is caused by an avian gammacoronavirus. This highly dangerous disease affects directly the health of poultry resulting in respiratory distress, egg production, weight loss, and considerably deteriorating health leading to death in severe cases.  Primarily, IB affects the chicken’s upper and lower respiratory tract, kidneys, and reproductive system.

Let us try to understand the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of this infectious bronchitis (IB) in chickens.

Causes of IB in Chicken

  • The avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV).  It belongs to the coronavirus family.
  • IB in poultry spreads very fast through the air
  • When the poultry flocks get in touch with infected birds’ coughs, sneezes, and droppings
  • Equipment contaminated with the virus and the clothing of the caretaker are also one of the leading causes of the spread of IB in poultry.

Symptoms of Chicken Infectious Bronchitis

  • Severe Coughing
  • Struggling or gasping for breath
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Rattling sounds while breathing
  • Visible swelling on the face
  • Reduced Egg Production and poor egg quality
  • Eggs with thin shells and eggs with reduced pigmentation are some of the definitive signs of IB infections in poultry.
  • Lethargy
  • Abnormally increased water consumption
  • Kidney problems or dysfunction

Prompt Diagnosis of Symptoms of IB in Poultry

Prevention is better than cure! The following step-by-step approach can help in the prompt identification of symptoms of IB in chickens.

  • Regular inspection of the flock.
  • Thorough health check-ups scheduled regularly with local veterinarians can help diagnose the infection early.

Bronchitis in chickens is important to be diagnosed before it spreads as the impact can be controlled accordingly.  If qualified veterinarians are contacted, they can confirm the onset of the diseases through various blood tests leading to immediate isolation of the infected flock members.  However, it is important to note that there is no direct treatment for IB as it is a viral infection.

Treatment of infectious bronchitis in poultry

On identification, supportive care and other treatments can help reduce the symptoms and slow further infection.  Antibiotics, electrolytes, and other supportive medications as prescribed by the veterinarian can help ease breathing.

  • Vaccination

A customized vaccination program specifically for bronchitis caused by avian gammacoronavirus is the most important and primary defense profile that can be used to prevent IB.

  • Healthy flock

Immunity to fight diseases or infections is most important. The higher the immunity, the lesser the chances for the flock to get infected with the virus.  And immunity can be boosted through healthy eating loading with immunity boosters in the form of poultry feed supplements.  High-quality, well-researched, and locally available branded feed supplements that are formulated using amino acids, immunity boosters, vitamins, health enhancement minerals, and antioxidants should be added to the regular feed. 

Refit Animal Care’s Broiler+ weight gainer medicine is formulated to increase weight gain in broiler chickens by supporting enhanced feed absorption. It is popular to prompt growth and increase FCR with enhanced nutrition utilization leading to a better immune system and enhanced fertility.  It also promotes weight gain in broilers and chickens and prevents stress in poultry birds.

With the increasing poultry business in India and looking to its contribution to the growing national economy, it is important to understand that healthy and productive poultry can only lead to better business opportunities along with profitability! 

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